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The Bards Guild is noble guild of art and music in Puddleby. We are lucky to be able to write and share music with all folks of Puddleby.

Guild Structure[edit]

Become a Bard[edit]

Bards are able to play music everywhere on Lok'Groton. But with this ability there also comes great responsibility. What may sound beautiful to one may hurt some others ears and this ability may even be abused to annoy other exiles. Therefore, not everybody is allowed into the bards guild. Every hopeful must go through a process to prove him oder herself worthy of carrying instruments and play music. Besides the obvious needs in skills and knowledge, character plays a huge role. This does not mean, that the bard masters would decline every single application from exiles they do not like personally, but you should live up to certain social standards to be considered as a bard.

Quester Audition[edit]

Usually the first step into bardship is the quester audition. In preparation for that, a hopeful should compose at least three and up to four songs all for the the same solo instrument. Due to that most of the bards feel that the Orga Drum might be a bit too one dimensional for a quester audition, so a quester might want to choose another instrument. Needless to say, that they should be their own work and not based on music known from other lands - although inspiration is allowed, similarities shouldn't be too obvious. The hopeful is then tested by a panel of bards and bard masters on melody, tonality and rhythm. After the presentation of the compositions, the panel will retire for deliberation and decide if the hopeful is worthy to be entitled with questership.

By passing the audition successfully, the fresh bard quester gains some new privileges: He now may ask Hendrux to craft instruments and may play in front of an audience in the bards field.

Full Bard Audition[edit]

After successfully becoming a quester, one may consider taking bardship one step further by becoming a full bard.

List of Bards[edit]

This is probably an incomplete list of all bards that currently are active or have been active recently.

Bard Masters[edit]

Bard Trustees[edit]


Bard Questers[edit]