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There are concerts happening every last Saturday of the month in the Bards Field 3n of TC!

Welcome to the Bards Song Library[edit]

This is the section of the Puddleby Library where you can find information on the Bards Guild and songs by its members.

As a bard you can contribute to the library by contacting Bingro on Discord or ingame. He will create a new account and send you the credentials or upload your music. ‎
You are free to contribute, remove your own work or just listen to the songs uploaded by others.


  1. Only post your own work and do not add songs by someone else from the lands of Puddleby or anywhere else without their clear consent.
  2. Every bard may specify the circumstances under which his or her songs may be played in the lands. Please respect their wishes at all times.
  3. Follow the libraries structure to avoid chaos and despair among your fellow bards.
  4. Do not remove songs uploaded by others. If you find songs that do not comply with rule #1, contact Bingro through Discord or ingame.


You will find songs by Bard Questers, Full Bards and even Bard Masters in the Library Hub!

Visionstones of past concerts[edit]

Thanks to Inu Teisei for recording and uploading!

Other visionstones[edit]