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Here we will discuss every instrument, its capabilities and how it has been used by bards in the past. In gerenal, people usually will happily give the parts they find to bards since they have no other use. If you manage to get your hands on a part, you may bring it to Hendrux in the eastern hut in the Bards Field who will examine what you brought. If the quality is good, he will ask you to come back later - usually a few days - to get the freshly crafted instrument.

Plucked Instruments - Harplike Instruments[edit]

Starbuck Harp[edit]

To craft a Starbuck Harp you will have to bring Hendrux one set of Starbuck Antlers.

Lucky Lyra[edit]

In order for a Lucky Lyra to be made, Hendrux will need a Luck Bone.

Plucked Instruments - Guitarlike Instruments[edit]


A Torjo can be built from a Tor Shell.


The sister instrument of the Torjo, the Gitor, is made by using a Tor Shell.

Wind Instruments - Flutes[edit]

Bone Flute[edit]

As you can already tell by the name, the Bone Flute is made out of a Bone. It can only play one tone at a time.

Reed Flute[edit]



Hendrux can form an Ocarina out of a Clump of Clay. Just as for the other flutes, it can not play chords.

Wind Instruments - Other[edit]


Silvery shell




Internal Organs make a perfect Bagpipe if worked correctly.

Percussion Instruments[edit]


If tuned right by Hendrux, you can turn around a Steel Pot. Not it is called a Casserole.




Fine Wood

Orga Drum[edit]

Originally crafted by Orgas, the Broken Orga Drum may be repaired and used by bards hereafter.

String Instruments[edit]


Very rare, but if a Strand of Falinea's Hair is found, it may be turned into a Violène.

Other Instruments[edit]


Cannot be crafted.

Pine Flute[edit]

This instrument is commonly used to get to Windweft or Foghaven.